Our video services company has spent 20+ years creating Marketing videos, Explainer Videos, Training videos, Music videos, 3D motion graphics, animation, and more.

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The world is waiting to hear your story,
but they’ve got only 2 mins

Let your Video be your elevator pitch!

In this content-overloaded world with low attention spans, VIDEOS are the best way to tell your story.



We are among the top video production companies in Mumbai. Take a closer look
at the various styles of video services we offer.

Email Campaigns | The Untold Story #1 | Introduction

Product Video for SMARTe Sanitizer

Triple your Email Marketing Success #1 | Contact Database & Email List Building for 0 Bounce Rate

*Most of the work is not showcased due to the confidential nature of projects.



Most video making companies are not efficient in the entire process from production to online marketing of videos.

But we provide end-to-end video production services in India and across the globe. Be it corporate or product explainer videos we effectively communicate complex concepts in a concise and engaging manner. From conceptualisation to scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover and post-production, we at Flickbook ensure a seamless and streamlined video process.

With a focus on clear messaging and captivating visuals, we guarantee that our explainer videos leave a lasting impact on the target audience. If you are looking to buy explainer video services for educational purposes, product demonstrations, or marketing campaigns, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional end-to-end video solutions that bring your ideas to life.

Video is one of the most effective forms of communication. In today’s time, most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.



As a premier animated explainer video company, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of video solutions in any format or style. Our team of talented professionals excels in creating engaging corporate videos that effectively communicate complex ideas and captivate audiences.

Our expertise extends beyond explainer videos, as we also offer services such as 2D animated video services, motion graphics services, product videos, educational tutorials, corporate training videos, or marketing videos. We are experts in writing, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, and post-production.

We are committed to quality, creativity, and client satisfaction to ensure that each video we produce is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Process

We have crafted the video process over the period of 20 years. Hear’s how we do it.

Client Brief



Storyboard Animatic

Version 1

Revision cycles

What kind of Video Production Services do we offer?

If you are looking for a corporate video making company, you can rest assured Flickbook has successfully delivered over 100 captivating videos across various genres. From engaging corporate videos that effectively communicate a company’s values and mission to captivating animated explainer videos that bring ideas to life, our Video Services have showcased our versatility. Not limited to smaller projects, we have also worked on Hollywood movies, contributing our talent to the film industry. Our proficiency in 3D Animation is commendable, enabling us to create stunning visual experiences that leave viewers in awe.

Animated Explainer Video Services- No matter the complexity of the product or service to be explained, we convert it into an engaging and easy-to-understand video, that can hold a person’s interest for 1 to 2 minutes. This includes both Product Explainer videos, and Company Explainer Videos.

Corporate Video Services- Corporate videos or brand videos are effective ways to showcase what your company stands for. They also help you position your company uniquely and stand out from the competition, and also serve as part of your PR strategy.

Marketing Video Services- Our Marketing Videos have proven instrumental in helping businesses achieve their promotional goals online, or during business events. They can help you in business development, and increasing your sales.

Whiteboard Animation Videos- This style gained popularity a few years ago, and became an easy way to visualise a narrative in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Training Videos- We excel in producing impactful Training Videos, providing organisations with effective tools for employee development.

Scientific and Architectural Visualisation- Using 3D animation and motion graphics, we bring two dimensional concepts to life. This allows you to visualise a scene or objects before they are actually built.

Explainer Videos for Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales explainer videos can benefit your company a great deal, when it comes to explaining products or services. This works well for both the b2b and b2c market segments.

Marketing and sales teams are always faced with the challenge of reaching out to the right target audience with their products and services. An explainer video serves as an effective method of reaching an online audience through your website or social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Similarly, these videos can also be used by the sales team while making a sales pitch to a potential client. This standardises the content to be presented, simplifies it, makes it interesting and evokes a favourable response from the audience.

Thus marketing and sales videos can be used as a tool to discover leads online, and reach out to them more effectively.

Why Choose our Video Production Services?

In case you are a sceptic or have burnt your fingers 🙂


Mr. Anoop is an exceptional and top quality individual and an excellent professional… It is really an honor to have him with our OSSI. He is very innovative, highly creative and supportive. Once again OSSI is truly grateful on your valuable website support.

Sudhir BT (UEFA Certified Football Coach)

Oranje Soccer School India

We at Burgundy Box have had the pleasure of working with Anoop and his team at Flickbook. It also gave us an insight into his dedication and bandwidth for creativity. They are willing to try out new stuff and provide solutions. One cannot fail to mention the high level of integrity and originality that they operate with, which one seldom finds in the field.

Shabnam S Mehra, Co-Founder & Director

Culinary Cart Pvt. Ltd. (Burgundy Box)

Flickbook is a highly dependable company to work with. Their awareness around VFX and ability to make the technology simple enough for a non technical person makes them great to work with. Their passion to make things work for the client makes me recommend Anoop and his team to everyone.

Sandeep Chakraborty, Senior Manager, HR

Zycus Inc.

I worked with Anoop and the Flickbook team on developing an AV for my organization (Gray Matters), to use as a marketing tool while communicating with our customers. Anoop understood the requirements well and stuck to committed timelines. The final AV is a very close representation of what we had in mind. A quality of his is that he doesn’t settle with just acceptable quality standards, he strives to raise the bar with each iteration.

Siddharth Ajith, Oxford MBA, Strategy, Digital Marketing

Gray Matters Inc.

Anoop and Flickbook have to be the best ‘business partner’ I have worked with! I have worked with a number of marketing/branding service providers. Always eager to try out new things, Flickbook takes it on them to understand the client’s business objectives. Their creativity and philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’, helped us(SMARTe Inc.) in our endeavor of brand transformation which was needed at that point in time. 

Kaushik Dip, Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketer