20+ years creating Marketing videos, Training videos, Music videos, Hollywood movies, 3D animation, and more.

The world is waiting to hear your story,
but they’ve got only 2 mins

Let your Video be your elevator pitch!

In this content-overloaded world with low attention spans, VIDEOS are the best way to tell your story.



Email Campaigns | The Untold Story #1 | Introduction

Product Video for SMARTe Sanitizer

Triple your Email Marketing Success #1 | Contact Database & Email List Building for 0 Bounce Rate



Most video making companies are skilled in video making process, but what’s the point of making a great video that doesn’t resonate with the viewers or worse, don’t even know who the audience is.

Video is one of the most effective forms of communication. In today’s time, most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.



From Live action, Explainer, Whiteboard to 2D, 3D and VR.

Our Process

We have crafted the video process over the period of 20 years. Hear’s how we do it.

Client Brief



Storyboard Animatic

Version 1

Revision cycles

Why Choose Us?

In case you are a sceptic or have burnt your fingers 🙂


Mr. Anoop is an exceptional and top quality individual and an excellent professional… It is really an honor to have him with our OSSI. He is very innovative, highly creative and supportive. Once again OSSI is truly grateful on your valuable website support.

Sudhir BT (UEFA Certified Football Coach)

Oranje Soccer School India

We at Burgundy Box have had the pleasure of working with Anoop and his team at Flickbook. It also gave us an insight into his dedication and bandwidth for creativity. They are willing to try out new stuff and provide solutions. One cannot fail to mention the high level of integrity and originality that they operate with, which one seldom finds in the field.

Shabnam S Mehra, Co-Founder & Director

Culinary Cart Pvt. Ltd. (Burgundy Box)

Flickbook is a highly dependable company to work with. Their awareness around VFX and ability to make the technology simple enough for a non technical person makes them great to work with. Their passion to make things work for the client makes me recommend Anoop and his team to everyone.

Sandeep Chakraborty, Senior Manager, HR

Zycus Inc.

I worked with Anoop and the Flickbook team on developing an AV for my organization (Gray Matters), to use as a marketing tool while communicating with our customers. Anoop understood the requirements well and stuck to committed timelines. The final AV is a very close representation of what we had in mind. A quality of his is that he doesn’t settle with just acceptable quality standards, he strives to raise the bar with each iteration.

Siddharth Ajith, Oxford MBA, Strategy, Digital Marketing

Gray Matters Inc.

Anoop and Flickbook have to be the best ‘business partner’ I have worked with! I have worked with a number of marketing/branding service providers. Always eager to try out new things, Flickbook takes it on them to understand the client’s business objectives. Their creativity and philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’, helped us(SMARTe Inc.) in our endeavor of brand transformation which was needed at that point in time. 

Kaushik Dip, Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketer




What if my requirements fluctuate?

We all know that on some occasions there can be more work than usual, Say, you have decided to participate in an Exhibition and you want assistance in designing the book, preparing a quick presentation, or even help in printing the pamphlets. Because we work as a team we are more than happy to help you during such times. We hope you will return the favor on other occasions 🙂


What if my point of contact falls ill or has some urgent family affairs to be taken care of and is unable to work for some days?

In such an event, we will substitute your point of contact, from one of the many artists that we have to ensure that your work never suffers. The details of the substitution depends on the agreement details. If you have chosen the “basic” plan then the substitute is replaced within 48 hours.


Can I cancel the contract in between?

Yes, contracts can be cancelled with a 45 days notice period written in email. We will send you a confirmation of the cancellation within 48 hrs. 


How are you different that services such as, etc.?

Although these marketplace services have a vast variety of designers, Flickbook services will be a far better choice because of the following two reasons;

A. Because we don’t design for the sake of design, we design based on the basis of Marketing & Sales and that’s why we start with your Marketing Plan, Creative Brief and we orient the designs to achieve your Marketing & Sales goals,

B. Our point person develops a working relationship with you so that there is less wastage of time in explaining what has to be done. Besides buying from a market place means, you got to know NOT what you want, but what your audience wants and that is only possible by market research, which we help you in.