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About Us:

We are a media agency in Mumbai, specialising in digital marketing, branding, web development, search engine optimisation and content creation. We help businesses communicate effectively with their audience, increase awareness, which will help you close deals.

Our team consists of visual artists, writers, animators, film makers, and designers, who love making a difference to your company, through powerful messaging. What thrills us is the idea of taking difficult concepts and making them simple and understandable. We go to the core of what makes your brand special and unique, study what your target audience needs the most, and create messaging that helps your audience see how you are special.

Our experience in online videos extends from B2B video production (corporate, brand and product videos, explainer videos, whiteboard animations), to conceptualising and creating videos for varied purposes from entertainment, to education, to branding and marketing for the B2C market.

We have extensive experience in animated and live action movies, e learning, ad films, 3d visualisations and games. This gives us a very strong background in visual art and animation.

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Get to know what makes us unique through a Timeline of our work

The timeline below will take you along our journey. You will see how we evolved from 3d asset building, to promos for animated movies, to 3d visualisations and e learning, and finally to advertising and marketing videos. We have broadened our skills to include 2d animation and live action, along with 3d graphics and animation. This ensures nothing stands in the way of telling your story!

Our experience in the Media industry covers TV ads, music videos, movies like RA One, GI Joe, The Watch, and 47 Ronin. This puts us in a very unique position when it comes to making videos.

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