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Flickbook helped launch the innovative food startup Burgundy Box

Burgundy Box is a pioneer in Mumbai, in serving pre-portioned mealkits. We helped them with their branding and marketing efforts, and within a short span of 6 months, succeeded in building a dedicated fan following on Facebook and Instagram.

Brand Identity

We helped design a meaningful logo, that was minimal yet expressive. We also designed some of the packaging elements, and the menu card that comes along with each meal box. We used design elements to create a recipe card that enabled customers to quickly understand and follow the recipe.

Menu Cards

Recipe Cards

Print and Email Marketing

To promote the brand offline, we created marketing collaterals like discount and gift vouchers, posters, brochures, standees and emailers. Our main challenge was to use visuals and copy in a way that would introduce the new concept of cooking with mealkits, and bring out the main selling points of convenience, freshness and great taste.


Corporate eMailers

Whatsappable Posts