Product Marketing and Advertising for Verdantis Inc.

A Feature Benefit Video Using Motion Graphics


This 'motion graphics' style video focuses on the features and benefits of Verdantis Inc's Ultria CLM, which is a contract management software for large enterprises. It serves as a marketing tool for reaching out to potential customers, and demonstrating the features to them in just under 2 minutes.

The marketing and product teams gave us a detailed demonstration of the software, and a detailed brief about the target audience and their pain points, and how Ultria solved them. Since their audience was already familiar with contract management softwares, we were asked not to introduce concepts, rather just show how Ultria was better. Since Ultria is a complete management solution from Contract Authoring to Storage to Analytics, this was to be an important part of the video.

We began by presenting the client with a concept or theme around which the video would be centered. We visualised the software as a combination of a cloud and brain, since it is a cloud based solution that controls the entire contracting process. Next, we wrote a script and visualised a storyboard that outlined the entire sequence of actions through the video. Once this was locked, we moved to creating the graphics and animation, which went through a few iterations and enhancements, before the final version was ready.

This video was launched on youtube and various other social media platforms, to serve as a marketing and ad film for Ultria.

Some Snippets from the Storyboard