3d Digital Assets for Film, TV, Games and 3d Printing


We bring Ideas to Life, be it CG Characters, Props, Architecture, Product Visualisation, or Game Assets. Over the years, we have built Computer Graphics Imagery for film, television, games, scientific and medical visualisation.

We are experienced with various techniques like displacement maps, dust, water and particle simulations, character hair and fur, visual effects, set extensions etc.

Character Assets

Tribal GirlTribalGirlBG_LS_1400x762
Bull ManBullman_LS_1400x762
Valley ManValleyMan_LS_1400x762

Props and Architecture/BG Assets

Product Visualization

Using the 3d visualisations below, we helped our client display their products to potential buyers. Since these machines are big enough to fill a room, recreating them in 3d, allowed us to display all the products, and demonstrate how they work through a detailed video.
01 PFC01 PFC
02 MEE02 MEE
03 ACE03 ACE
04 LLE04 LLE